Trespassing Time with Friends: Growth, Land, Harvest, and the Darkroom of the Self

Or, how to last forever

This sub-series builds on previous installments of The Edgelands and is in response to my residency at the House of Annetta, a social centre focused on spatial justice and land reform in the heart of Spitalfields that I have been inhabiting and absorbing gratefully. For 40 years it was home to Annetta Pedretti, who used the space to create a powerful collection of theoretical, architectural and artistic projects. Some of the many themes found in her work include community, collaboration, the ownership of space and land, and time.

I wanted to write a love letter. To my friends, to growth, harvest and feeding each other, to healing and resistance and trespassing, to our land, and finally, to time. Click below to read.

Can you plant a garden to stop a war? It depends how you think about time. It depends what you think a seed does, if it’s tossed into fertile soil.

Derek Jarman, quoted in The Marginalian

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