Trespassing Time with Friends: Growth, Land, Harvest, and the Darkroom of the Self

Or, how to last forever This sub-series builds on previous installments of The Edgelands and is in response to my residency at the House of Annetta, a social centre focused on spatial justice and land reform in the heart of Spitalfields that I have been inhabiting and absorbing gratefully. For 40 years it was homeContinue reading “Trespassing Time with Friends: Growth, Land, Harvest, and the Darkroom of the Self”

The Edgelands: Body As Edgeland

Or, what it was really all about: love Welcome to Edgelands post #6. We are walking the edgelands, looking at the body as an edgeland both physical and metaphorical, the changing seasons, the who and why of edgelands, liminal spaces as healing spaces where we meet both others and ourselves, and physical pain as surrender.Continue reading “The Edgelands: Body As Edgeland”

The Edgelands: Alleyways – Boundaries, Belonging & Disappeared Maps

Transitory Bodies // The Physicality of Wheelie Bins Welcome to Edgelands post #5. This week I revisit an old hometown of Hemel Hempstead, itself an old edgeland till it was populated by post-war Londoners, look at how some maps show alleys and others don’t, why and how our bodies navigate down them, loving strangers, howContinue reading “The Edgelands: Alleyways – Boundaries, Belonging & Disappeared Maps”

The Edgelands: Nuclear Borderlands & Cumbrian Homelands

The Northern Nuclear Accident & Unmoored Wanderings Welcome to Edgelands post #4. This week I wander through the radiation-soaked landscape of the Cumbrian Windscale disaster story holding my grandpa’s calloused hand, stopping off at an orchestra that makes music out of the frequencies from nuclear radiation. I look at the sorrow that comes from theContinue reading “The Edgelands: Nuclear Borderlands & Cumbrian Homelands”

The Edgelands: Hacking Hospital Maps & The Dérive

From Periphery Psychosis to Patterns Welcome to Edgelands post #3! Today I talk about hospital maps, the dérive, map-hacking as an act of resistance and reclamation of the self, the edgelands of periphery psychosis, and the beautiful patterns all across nature, art, mathematics and music – and what these things all have to do withContinue reading “The Edgelands: Hacking Hospital Maps & The Dérive”

The Edgelands: Asylums – A Letter to My Uncle

From Shenley to Bethnal Green via Hill End – with Nellie Bly and David Chapman for company Welcome to my second Edgelands installment, this time about Hertfordshire and London asylums, the history of Nellie Bly’s exposé of asylums in 1886 then David Chapman’s less than a century later, the power dynamics at play within theContinue reading “The Edgelands: Asylums – A Letter to My Uncle”

The Edgelands: Train Stations & Hostels

Transitory Bodies & Dereliction Last week I blogged about my new Substack series, The Edgelands. I just released my first post, about the dereliction of the self, our bodies against the backdrop of derelict buildings, hostels, belonging, and the liminality of train stations. Click on the button below to access it, and think about hittingContinue reading “The Edgelands: Train Stations & Hostels”

The Edgelands: a new experiment and an invitation to join me

The narratives I want to read are marginal, not mainstream: the voices we don’t get to hear, the unrecorded and undiscovered stories of how people navigate/d life. I am a margin-dweller too, and I’m currently exploring the edgelands between worlds; those that connect and divide both our experiences and our geographical areas. Exploring placeness, dereliction,Continue reading “The Edgelands: a new experiment and an invitation to join me”

Thoughts on Belonging

I collected my alumni card today. 112 days after submitting my Masters dissertation to #CityLIS, 85 days after finding out I got a Distinction, and 4 days after graduation. It feels large. I didn’t expect to feel any sort of way about it at all and had assumed I was simply going through the post-graduationContinue reading “Thoughts on Belonging”

My Masters dissertation is now published on Humanities Commons

I have now published my dissertation on open-access repository Humanities Commons, alongside all my essays. I received a Distinction for this project. The abstract is below: Public libraries in the United Kingdom have faced significant closures since the introduction of austerity in 2010, with this trend predicted to continue. The current tools used to measureContinue reading “My Masters dissertation is now published on Humanities Commons”