The Edgelands: Body As Edgeland

Or, what it was really all about: love Welcome to Edgelands post #6. We are walking the edgelands, looking at the body as an edgeland both physical and metaphorical, the changing seasons, the who and why of edgelands, liminal spaces as healing spaces where we meet both others and ourselves, and physical pain as surrender.Continue reading “The Edgelands: Body As Edgeland”

The Edgelands: Train Stations & Hostels

Transitory Bodies & Dereliction Last week I blogged about my new Substack series, The Edgelands. I just released my first post, about the dereliction of the self, our bodies against the backdrop of derelict buildings, hostels, belonging, and the liminality of train stations. Click on the button below to access it, and think about hittingContinue reading “The Edgelands: Train Stations & Hostels”