My Masters-level academic work is now on Open-Access Humanities Commons

This week, I uploaded eight unpublished essays I wrote for the Library Science programme I am taking at City, University of London, to my Humanities Commons profile page. You can also find them on the Academic page of this site. They span such subjects as: the lasting legacy of Section 28 on public libraries; marginalisedContinue reading “My Masters-level academic work is now on Open-Access Humanities Commons”

DeGoogling: What Does Privacy Mean To Me Ethically?

One of the modules this term at #CityLIS that I absolutely love is called IDLE: Information & Data, Law & Ethics. We are debating and looking at issues including: privacy and what that word means in different contexts; ethics of information; big data; data capitalism; being data subjects; how social media can influence elections andContinue reading “DeGoogling: What Does Privacy Mean To Me Ethically?”

Body As Information

The last ten weeks of the DITA module have often had me considering how we experience and communicate information via the body, the memory and our senses, rather than solely in measured, quantifiable, language-bound ways. I’ve been trying to figure out how to match this back to a discipline such as Library Science in aContinue reading “Body As Information”