Residency @ House of Annetta

House of Annetta is a social centre in Spitalfields for land reform and spatial justice. They are running an experimental 2022 summer residency programme for hyper-local writers and artists to develop their practice, that aims to increase connections and shared knowledges between those working in their general areas and across other residents, users, and projects within the space.

As a writer and researcher my areas are: public libraries; shared public spaces; healing spaces; gardening; city farms; the body, how it navigates, and where it belongs; belonging and loneliness; walking for recovery, as resistance, and as land reclamation; map-hacking/countermapping; and psychogeography. As a worker my areas are: community outreach and engagement via intergenerational creative writing, and wellbeing projects on local city farmland.

During my residency I hope to use the space to: continue my writing practice, focussing on themes of edgelands, uninhabitable spaces, shared spaces, walking, map-hacking, psychogeography, which bodies belong where, land reclamation, and underrepresented stories; apply for funding for projects in these areas so that I can pay practitioners and artists for working with me; and possibly even facilitate a brief writing project at HoA or in collaboration with libraries or other social spaces.

My current Substack publication, The Edgelands, explores many of these themes – I will work on continuing this line of enquiry. This page will be updated with all work produced during my three month residency.